Let's be yourself

What does it work for?
I think that we work to "become ourselves to become a self."
I would also like to be the world's best designer.
But anything is fine.
I work in the field with the sunrise and then work
I want to live a way back home at dusk, but it does.
For that, I want you to work at this company.
I hope this company will be on the stage for a better life and the life you want.
And strangely,
The benefits of working in communication can help you to improve your everyday life.
And in this town full of nature,
Your creatives will surely be polished.

have a good life.


Recruitment type

Designer, Manager, Account Planner, Sign Director

※ Account planner / Work to become a contact person of work with clients and coordinate with production. It is so-called sales.

※Manager / Work to support the creative director. We will accompany you with clients, coordinate with related parties, and coordinate schedules.

Employment status

Full-time employee (new graduate recruitment / mid-career recruitment)

Work location

Kurobe City or Tokyo

Housing allowance available

※ We decide while consulting in case of immigration from the outside of prefecture or when commuting is difficult.

Working hours

Kurobe Headquarters 8:00-17:00


By our calendar


Considering the person's preference and experience and previous salary

Above, decide at the time of the intern according to company regulations

Trial period

Three months

※ The treatment during the trial period is the same as regular employees

Application method

Please send resume and works to the head office